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The Center for Mass Communications at Manchester High School provides instruction in the fields of journalism, advertising and public relations. Included within these realms are video production, photography, graphic design, social media, and media analysis. Students take mass communications technology courses, English, and for the first two years, history within the specialty center. MC students take all other courses (world language, math, science, etc.) separate from the center at the appropriate level for each individual.



Mass Communications Course of Study


9th Grade

Here, students learn about the different facets of the mass communications industry. Students will be introduced to the worlds of journalism, advertising and public relations. They will begin to write and think as journalists, creatives and strategic communicators. In addition to a heavy emphasis on writing, students will learn Adobe InDesign and Photoshop for hands-on projects and real world experiences.

Sample 9th Grade schedule

Introduction to Mass Communications

M.C. English 9

M.C. World History 9



World Language

Health/P.E. 9


10th Grade

This is the class for graphic design lovers. Students will learn how to write and design for print and web journalism and advertising using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as how to write and create visually appealing layouts and ads.

Sample 10th Grade schedule

Mass Communications 2 (Graphic Design/Journalism)

M.C. English 10

M.C. World History 11



World Language

Health/P.E. 9


11th Grade

Welcome to a year of video production and broadcast journalism. Students will learn how to write, shoot, voice and edit video using Final Cut Pro. They will produce news style videos, public service announcements and a short documentary.

Sample 11th Grade schedule

Mass Communications 11 (Video Production)

M.C. English 11, Dual Enrollment English or AP English

U.S./Virginia History



World Language

Mass Communications Elective

12th Grade

This is the year to do it all. Students will practice the skills learned in MC 9-11 for the production of a student produced weekly news show. They will also use their writing and design talents to produce marketing materials for community based non-profits. They will stay abreast of current events and think critically about the media they consume.

Sample 12th Grade schedule

Mass Communications 12

M.C. English 12, Dual Enrollment English or AP English

U.S./Virginia Government



World Language or elective

Mass Communications elective